Budget Management

Preparation, forecast, and manage the budget for a specific organisation, period of time and/or project, in order to create a financial plan aligned to the performance objectives of the Ministry, Department or an Organization.




Ministry of Finance



Understands the budgetary cycle in India, including its constitutional provisions under Article 112.

Lists key budget documents at the central, state, and local level.

Understands the institution specific budget form, key components, associated terminologies, and definitions of line items and columns.

Understands the macro-economic framework and the associated projections relevant to the MDO.

Identifies key data points required in preparation of budget.


Describes the underlying intent and rationale for various budget documents.

Analyse and interpret financial data.

Supports preparation of institution specific budget documents through research.

Supports preparation of budget by analysing historical revenues and expenses to forecast income and expenditure.

Classifies operational segments of the budget (budget proposals, approvals, etc.) into their relevant stage in the budgetary cycle.


Leverages information from various budget documents to develop budget highlights and key features.

Interprets institution specific budget documents, with a focus on what is included and excluded from line items

Navigates and locates relevant information on the official Union Budget.

Monitors relevant central, state, and local budget documents across the budget cycle.

Analyses institution specific budget documents, keeping in mind evolving trends, challenges, and priorities.

Evaluates similarities and differences between the union, state, and local budgets.


Conducts prudent assessment of the costs and benefits of investments, affordability over the long term, relative priority among various projects; and of overall value of the investments made.

Provide guidance on the estimates of revenue and expenditure based on medium term and long term Departmental / Organizational priorities.

Monitor expenditures to ensure that the amounts placed at the disposal of the spending authorities are not exceeded without additional funds being obtained in time.