Process Optimization

Establish mechanisms in the Department / Organization to maximise efficiency of operations of processes and drive agility.




Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances DARPG



Has the understanding of key departmental / organizational procedures.

Can identify the interdependencies of different processes implemented in the Department / Organization.

Undertake activities based on guidance and suggestions from other stakeholders in the ecosystem.


Execute operations based on established procedures.

Identify improvements to implemented plans in consultation with relevant stakeholders.

Assist in testing of procedures for enhancement of efficiency in departmental procedures.

Provide suggestions for scope of process optimization to relevant stakeholders.


Leverage benchmarks for enhancing the overall efficiency of the departmental procedures.

Evaluate departmental performance against established parameters to identify and develop opportunities for process improvement.

Develop action plans for the implementation of enhancement of procedures for driving process optimization.

Review the strengths and weakness of optimized procedures and suggest procedures for overcoming them.


Devise strategies for enabling procedural transformation in the department / division / wing.

Establishing mechanisms for identifying scope of process optimization within department / organization.

Provide guidelines on optimization of procedures within the department.

Initiate transformation of key processes to enhance productivity of the department / organization.