Public Service Transformation

Recognises and leverages the need for innovations that will systematically enhance public service delivery, by converting challenges into opportunities for change.




Institute of Secretariat Training and Management



Aware of new and upcoming innovation practices from around the world (Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Blueprints, Blockchain-based models, etc.)

Recognises the need for transformation in India’s public service.

Defines key concepts that can drive public service innovation (digitization, digital transformation, e-Governance, etc.).


Identifies 21st century challenges faced by stakeholders (Public / functionaries of other MDOs).

Documents best practices that have leveraged innovation to fuel transformation, with an emphasis on efficiency, cost-effectiveness, accountability, etc.

Discusses the role of technology and digitisation in disposal of business.

Supports research on public service innovation by identifying day-to-day loopholes that open up the space for transformation.


Explores tools and techniques that can convert challenges to opportunities (collaborative, technology, citizen’s choice, management, etc.).

Applies best practices to contemporary demands of developing a responsive and citizen-centric public service.

Incorporates human insights and design-thinking principles into technological and digital innovations.

Leverages research to experiment, evaluate, and devise out-of-the-box solutions.


Converts challenges into systemic transformations such as moving towards a different operational model, outcome, or service delivery mechanism.

Cultivates a culture of innovation by creating collaborative sandpits, public innovation hubs, and engaging with emerging technologies.

Drives innovative service delivery through adoption of relevant tools, platforms and solutions.

Draw insights from global public service delivery practices and implement relevant tools and techniques customized to local context.

Advocates for tools, collective action, and information dissemination.