Risk Management

Identify, evaluate and manage risks by developing and implementing risk management strategies, frameworks, policies, procedures and practices.




Institute of Secretariat Training and Management



Understands the types of project risks (internal and external).

Has the ability to summarize the types of risks and categorize them.

Assist with risk planning in consultation with relevant stakeholders.

Support risk assessment at operational level.

Document and track risk management outcomes according to information format requirements and present documentation to relevant stakeholders for review.


Identify and analyse risk events and threats in the business unit through suitable risk assessment frameworks.

Conduct risk response activities in accordance with risk management plans.

Conducts risk screening based on impact and probability using appropriate tools and techniques.

Engages with multiple stakeholders on potential project risks, assessment methodologies, impact of risks and contingency route for mitigation of risks.


Establish risk context to define scope of risk management process in the business unit.

Identify and assess possible risk response activities for consideration in the risk management process.

Implement procedures to inform employees of risk management process and activities.

Sensitize on expectations of risk management activities required for multiple stakeholders.


Assess how global, macroeconomic and microeconomic factors impact the organisation.

Review impact of global developments, relevant laws and regulations on businesses.

Design risk management strategies, framework and key risk management processes in consultation with relevant stakeholders.

Direct development of risk control and risk response activities aligned to overall risk management strategies.

Identify measures to be incorporated for enhancing risk management strategies.