Monitoring and Evaluation

Gather information and undertake qualitative and quantitative assessments in order to determine the progress of a project or a set of activities towards pre-specified goals and objectives, and to highlight any positive or adverse impact which can hamper the slated goals.




NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India)



Understands departmental / organizational M&E framework and the key components within the framework.

Understands the methodology of monitoring and evaluation.

Able to conduct impact analysis based on the guidance provided.


Has the ability identify the sources of data, collect, manage, analyse and interpret data

Has the ability to evaluate indicators identified in the established Monitoring and Evaluation Framework.


Has the ability to develop M&E tools based on the established frameworks.

Ability to develop and design frameworks based on guidance of senior Ministerial / Departmental / Organizational guidance.

Ability to provide recommendations on outcome of monitoring and evaluation to facilitate decision making.


Provide strategic guidance on construct of monitoring and evaluation framework, methodologies.

Suggest changes to monitoring and evaluation methodologies based on change in context, priorities, strategies and goals.

Influence strategy through analysis of

the outcomes and impact of interventions.

Pre-empt strengths and weaknesses based on evaluation and recommend alternative strategies.