Learning and Development

Has the ability to identify learning and development requirements in the MDO and facilitate in capacity building at individual, division level and departmental/organizational level.




Institute of Secretariat Training and Management



Understand capacity building needs of the department.


Liaison with internal and external stakeholders for driving capacity development interventions in the Department / organization.

Facilitate in identification of training needs, development of training content and dissemination of training programs to departmental / organizational employees.

Facilitate in soliciting feedback from capacity development interventions.


Identifies key areas of capacity development interventions for the department.

Leverages sectoral knowhow / industry knowledge to recommend areas od capacity development at individual / sectional / divisional and departmental level.

Provide guidance on capacity building strategy at the departmental / organizational level.

Establishment of mechanisms for driving capacity development in the department / organization.

Identify areas of enhancement of capacity development interventions.


Propagates the importance of capacity building and promotes a culture of learning and development.

Establish strategic partnership with external and internal stakeholders for developmen t of training content and implementation of capacity development interventions in the department / organization.