Waste management and Resource Efficiency

Understanding the principles of resource efficiency and circular economy. Classification of wastes such as Electronic Waste, Hazardous Waste, Solid Waste, Bio Medical Waste, Plastic Waste, Construction and Demolition Waste, Waste Batteries, Waste Tyre, Solar Panels, End of Life Vehicles, etc. Approach for waste management including collection, handling, treatment, recycling, utilisation and disposal. Policies, regulations, technologies, practices, tools for environmentally sound management of wastes and use of secondary resources.



Competency Area

Waste management and Resource Efficiency



Possesses basic knowledge and skills related to some elements of the competency and is able to apply them with moderate supervision.


Able to demonstrate knowledge and skills related to most of the elements of the competency and apply them without need for constant supervision.


Possesses strong knowledge and skills required for the competency and demonstrates an understanding of the interlinkages between competencies. Acts as an advisor on the topic, often producing manuals/notes to support colleagues.


Demonstrates excellence in all capabilities related to the competency compared to best industry benchmarks within the country. Is a person of authority on practices and/or systems related to the competency and is widely consulted on the same.


Demonstrates complete mastery of the competency and use of it in unprecedented ways. Has a fundamental, outsized impact on their field of knowledge with few other people having similar capabilities.