Organisational Impact Analysis

Assess the impact of learning solutions and interventions on organisation's desired outcomes and identify ways to enhance learning effectiveness



Competency Area

Workplace Learning


Conduct organisational impact analysis to identify gaps

Document business objectives and strategic priorities

Identify Regulatory and industry standards that will impact organisational policies and processes

Is able to conduct impact analysis

Is able to collect operational performance data

Key performance indicators to track and monitor the efficiency of operational processes

Measure impact of learning solutions

Develop organisational strategies aligned to organisational objectives

Develop organisational policies aligned to organisational directions and business targets

Analyse impact of internal and external influencing factors on organisational strategies and policies

Review and refine organisational strategies and policies

Develop processes for organisational impact analyses

Identify the organisation’s strategic needs

Set organisational directions, goals and targets

Facilitate alignment of organisational strategies and targets with organisational vision, mission and values to achieve organisational strategic needs

Review and refine organisational strategies and targets